Secure Hosted Payment Form

As consumers rely increasingly on the Internet to make convenient and efficient payments, e-commerce merchants must take the proper precautions in making their payment processing system as secure as possible. If a customer’s credit card information is compromised and used for fraudulent activity, not only can the customer suffer from damaged credit and lost funds, but merchants can also be held responsible and end up paying hefty fines for the stolen data.


By providing hosted payment forms to e-commerce merchants, Consultapay allows clients to accept credit cards for business while reducing liability. Upon time of purchase, merchants can send customers to a secure hosted payment form that mirrors the look and feel of their own website. Convenient Credit Card Processing: Besides the increased security benefits, merchants and consumers can also enjoy convenience with hosted payment forms. Customers can either choose to make a one-time payment or recurring billing, which gives them the ability to make weekly or monthly payments on a regular basis without having to fill out a separate form or write another check each time. Merchants can cut costs associated with paper mailing services and reduce the number of late payments.