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About ConsultaPay Limited, Isle of Man.

The Company

ConsultaPay Limited and its subsidiaries consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people within the Financial Industry, harnessing decades of collective, combined experience to produce a company with Maturity and a Clear Vision for the future.

This Vision is the creation of a Global Network containing the required technology bridges and gateways needed to connect all the critical components of Local, Regional and International e-Commerce.

The card processing services of Consulta Limited are World class. Our organisation was formed to be a global leader in e - commerce and payment services. We therefore offer both solid experience and a reliable infrastructure based on the best technology in the card payment industry.


  • Wherever you leave your footprint, you can count on Consultapay’s solutions to maximize your revenue.

  • We work with you to design an effective solution that evolves along with your unique business requirements.

  • Offer personal advice and support on a full spectrum of global payments and have a globally diversified network
    that makes us the ideal payments partner for your international growth.

  • Acquiring solutions to support your operations.

  • Savings on interchange rates and foreign exchange charges when you sell cross-border.

  • Enjoy higher acceptance rates.

  • Streamlined shopping carts that ensure your customers have a smoother buying experience and keep them coming back for more.

  • Fraud management solutions designed to offer both security and profits and without losing genuine business.

  • GDPR compliance, we offer advice and support to ensure your customers data is stored safely and securely.

  • PCI compliance and advice.

Why Choose Us

Trust in our experience.
Simply put, we understand your business. That claim is based on years of specialised work ranging from the very legal structure of your company, how your business works and integrates with the bank, manages risk, your ability to collect it settlements in a timely and efficient manner, right through to your customers shopping experience. Close collaboration with your peers and businesses like yours has given us valuable expertise that far surpasses that of our competitors.

Trust in our solutions.
Leveraging our knowledge of your business, we’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology. There’s tremendous value in designing innovative products that match your needs, function the way you operate, and incorporate the workflows you prefer. To complement that powerful portfolio, we provide a variety of service and support offerings that tap into the experience base of our best people as consultants, trainers, implementation crews and service technicians.

Trust in our results.
Over time, with the right mix of products and people, you begin to build a reputation for delivering the goods. You become known by your client base. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in creating win-win scenarios that make everyone’s business grow.
Selecting ConsulltaPay as member of your team and a contributor to your business success is a significant vote of confidence. We’d be pleased to apply our experience, solutions and results on your behalf and start to gain your trust.

What We Do

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Virtual Terminal

The MOTO transactions solution. A Secure Trading virtual terminal is a web-based system that allows you to manually process credit or debit card orders which are received by fax, mail order or telephone (MOTO).

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Payment Gateway

We can provide a gateway platform and backend which complies to the latest standards of accounting services. By using the gateway, all of your different payment options are combined in just one backend.

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Merchant Account

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by payment cards, typically debit or credit cards. A merchant account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.

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Electronic Billing and Invoicing

Electronic invoicing is a form of electronic billing. E-invoicing methods are used by trading partners, such as customers and their suppliers, to present and monitor transactional documents between one another and ensure the terms of their trading agreements are being met.

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End to End Encryption

End-to-end encryption (E2EE), which is non-certified or uncertified, is a digital communications paradigm of uninterrupted protection of data traveling between two communicating parties without being intercepted or read by other parties .

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Batch Credit Card Processing

Batch processing is the settlement stage of credit card processing that begins after a transaction has been authorized by the card-issuing bank. Once it sends the authorization code to the merchant, the bank places a hold on the cardholder’s line of credit or account funds to cover the transaction amount.

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Secure Hosted Payment Form

As consumers rely increasingly on the Internet to make convenient and efficient payments, e-commerce merchants must take the proper precautions in making their payment processing system as secure as possible.

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Chargeback Management and Prevention

What You Know Could Save You Money The term "chargeback" describes the process that occurs once a customer refuses to accept responsibility for a charge on his credit card. It may also be initiated by the issuing bank due to a technical issue, such as no authorization approval code received.

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